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October: Horror…of course

Michael is ready for 2020 to be over…

Light and entertaining is my goal for this month, movies that will wash over me, release all my stressors and toxins from this crazy year. I’ve heard really good things about Andrzej Zulawski’s “Possesion” maybe it will put be a great way to start the season. Who knows maybe intense horror movies will give me a break from reality. I’m excited for this month, maybe watching “Fade to Black” (streaming on Shudder) last weekend really got me pumped for some horror related cinema. It could be the excitement of only 3 more months left in this year, which I think everyone is excited to close the books on 2020.

So what will be some of my cinema shames for this month? There are a lot of options, horror has been a blindspot but I’ve been working my on it the past few years. Last year I knocked out the Friday the 13th series, excluding the reboot. It had some highs, lot of lows, and parts where the bottom fell out (Jason Takes Manhattan…more like Jason takes a mediocre cruise). I think taking care of the other big horror series, Halloween, would make an interesting comparison. I’ve seen more of the Halloween series than I had thought, so only three I haven’t seen (excluding the Rob Zombie directed ones): “Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers,” “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers,” and “Halloween: Resurrection.” I got a feeling these are not the cream of the crop. This may be a good time to finally sit down and watch Jordan Peele’s “Us” and this year’s release of “The Invisible Man.” I did notice it might be a good time to finally open the blu-ray copy of Franci Fodrd Coppola’s “Dracula.”

Let us know what you are planning to watch during the month of October. And I’m definitely looking for recommendations. Let us by emailing us at or on twitter @CinemaShame.

May Prompt: Spring Cleaning

We must apologize for our lack of prompting over the last few months. As you may or may not have noticed some wild stuff is happening out there in the real world.

We hope you’ve prepared your SHAME STATEMENT and watched one or two Academy-honored foreign language films, but it’s definitely time to move on. We’ll call March and April a wash because throwing on an old familiar comfort film… or twenty… was probably the order of the day. For May, we’re getting back in the spirit of Cinema Shame, picking up that Swiffer duster and cleaning off the old media shelves.

Our May prompt encourages you to take a good hard look at your DVD and Blu-ray shelves to identify the longest-tenured discs in your possession. Hell, maybe you’ve got some unwatched VHS tapes. Once you’ve given them a good dusting, watch them. You picked up that copy of Immortal Beloved for some reason. It was one of the first Blu-rays you ever purchased, but there it sits, idle on your shelf, still sealed. Do it for Gary Oldman. Do it because “2012 You” definitely needed to own that movie.

Gary Oldman is not amused.

Share your moldy watches with us. Send your photos and musings to @CinemaShame on Twitter and lets see what kind of progress we can make in communally justifying all of our long-forgotten and frivolous media expenditures. Watch the most, tag us and we’ll give you a shout out on the next podcast. It’s the least we can do.

I might start with this shelf. Then again, I might not. This brand of shame runs two maybe three deep.

Be safe. Stay inside. Watch movies you already own. Also, there are two new episodes of the Cinema Shame podcast available for your ear holes to enjoy.


Zombie Not Zombie / Beth Accomando

Film critic for KPBS San Diego and host of the Cinema Junkie podcast, Beth Accomando, talks about Zombies and Not Zombies for our Halloween 2020 horror special. 

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Talking Heads

James David Patrick (@007hertzrumble)
Beth Accomando (@cinebeth)

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Preacher Boy – “Shamedown” <– Support our house musician
Ib Glindeman – “First Advance”
Phil Green, G. Hormel – “First Radio Report”
Diamonds – “The Stroll”
Mike Oldfield – “Tubular Bells”

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Recorded in October 2020. Copyrights are owned by the artists and their labels.

Handshake 3 and Netflix DVD / Annie Jung

Marketing Manager for Netflix DVD, Annie Jung, helps James ring in a new era in Cinema Shame and shares her three handshake/comfort films. James presents three of his own and attempts thematic relations because double features!

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Talking Heads

James David Patrick (@007hertzrumble)
Annie Jung (@WalkerPinkLabel)

Music Contained in this Podcast:

Preacher Boy – “Shamedown” <– Support our house musician

Enter the Giveaway for a 6-month Netflix DVD subscription!

Recorded in October 2020. Copyrights are owned by the artists and their labels. Negative dollars are made from this podcast.