Dr. No: Ahoy Mr. Bond! Ahoy Mr. Bond! by ctaydus


Unfortunately I misjudged you, you are just a stupid police man…whose luck has run out.

Before I start this article, I just want to reiterate that I’ve never seen a James Bond film before tonight. My experience with the character of James Bond consists of parodies, video games, and popular culture. So tonight my proverbial Bond virginity has been taken. I watched the 1962 premiere of the Bond character, Dr. No. 

This film did meet many of the expectations that I had about the man with the license to kill: beautiful women, dangerous villains, and witty humor (my favorite being when Bond asks Dr. No if interfering with the American space program was adequate compensation for having no hands). I have to say that I was a little let down by the film. I expected the flash and the pizzazz, that I think has become synonymous with the more modern Bond films. This isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the film, just that it wasn’t quite what I expected.

All that being said, there were still some very enjoyable aspects of the film. I was very excited to see the classic (and almost cliche) intro of the gun barrel following the Bond silhouette across the screen before being shot and having the screen be “covered by blood.”  I thoroughly enjoyed the Saul Bass style intro sequence because it had a feel of the 1960s, technology, and a calypso song all rolled into one. As someone who hopes to eventually find work in the field of graphic and title design, it’s fun to see where some of the standards of the craft originated.

Dr. No himself was an enjoyable villain who fits perfectly into the mold of being a villain without thinking they are a villain. For some weird reason, I wished the three blind mice had been flushed out a little bit more. I mean them and the chauffeur are supposed to be assumed to be henchmen of Dr. No, but I was hoping for some more information on them for some odd reason.

Overall, I had fun, but like I said, I think I was expecting something a little different. I am excited to keep moving forward too!


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