The Godfather Part III – @Andrew_Cybulska finally puts the trilogy out to pasture…


While there was little I could say about The Godfather and The Godfather Part II (since there are already countless essays, books, even documentaries on them) there is even LESS to say about The Godfather Part III. It’s small every sense of the word. It’s the shortest of the three, it has the weakest cast of the three, and it’s of little consequence.

What it’s previous entires had in spades (pathos, humanity, comedy, extreme violence, mystery, intrigue…) The Godfather Part III has none of those things. It is a supremely dour affair and despite it having a great final 20 minutes (which was still muddied by a completely nonsensical plot), nothing prior to that lived up to anything else we’ve seen from this series.

I wish I had more to say on The Godfather Part III. I knew going in that it would be frustratingly poor in comparison to the other two that I just experienced in these past few months, but man I didn’t expect it to just be so darn dull.

‘dat old-man sweater tho…


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