The October Horror Movie Shame-a-thon

Certain CinemaShamers have included choice horror flicks on their Lists of Shame, and we’ll be featuring those write-ups all October long. But what if you didn’t sign up for a grueling year of shame? Are you going to watch some killer flicks? Does your cinematic soul still require penitence? Join us in Shame for a single month of spooks, spectres and slashers, won’t you?

CinemaShame's Horror Movie Shame-a-thon

Step 1: Create a list of horror movies you’ve always wanted to watch.

Some of you out there on the interwebs participate in the 31 Days/Nights of Horror Movie Challenge. For many of us out there in the private sector, we know they expect results. Maybe we don’t have time for 31 Horrors Movies (no matter how hard we try). Maybe we have time for five or six. Maybe 1. Whatever it is you’ve always thought about watching, commit. Watch it.

Step 2: Gather your thoughts and write a short ditty about your impressions.

We’re not talking magnum opus here. Write however much or however little you want. It’s about spreading the love of movies, not about a word count throwdown with Tolstoy. Post your write up on your own blog or join the CinemaShame crew and post your entry here.

Step 3: Bask in the adulation of your peers.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. But don’t forget to read and discuss the posts of others. We all want to be loved.

Tweet us at @CinemaShame or @007hertzumble to participate. Or go the old fashioned route and send me an email at jdpatrick913 at

A list of participating blogs:


Prowler Needs a Jump

Use the following badges to promote/link the Horror Shame-a-thon:

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