@campbelldropout Cinema Shame List for 2015

There is no specific time for these films, well except for “The Thing” will be watched in October for Halloween. There is a huge focus on Westerns with five from the genre, which is due to “The Wild Bunch” and “The Great Silence”. A few of the films are what others have watched and the luck of me watching some of the director’s other films, talking to you “Cabaret”, got some big shoes to fill after “All That Jazz”.  Another goal of mine was to try and pair these films up with others in which I can be able to critically view the films by looking at the director’s other work, for example with the Tati boxset I hope to watch some of the other films around the time I view “Playtime”.

  1. North By Northwest (1959)
  2. Vertigo (1958)
  3. The Thing (1982) – October 2015
  4. It Happened One Night (1934)
  5. Playtime (1967)
  6. Night of the Hunter (1955)
  7. The Searchers (1956)
  8. Rififi (1955)
  9. The Maltese Falcon (1941)
  10. A Fistful of Dollars (1964)
  11. For A Few Dollars More (1965)
  12. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)
  13. Stagecoach (1939)
  14. King Kong (1933)
  15. Chinatown (1974)
  16. Casablanca (1942)
  17. The Conversation (1974)
  18. Nashville (1975)
  19. Rashomon (1950)
  20. Cabaret (1972)

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