Ain’t that a shame: 2018

I post my writing at Are You Thrilled, but you might have seen me around on Twitter talking about movies at So Long Holly via @movielovebogart . This list has been pulled and pushed, items deleted, replaced, and added back in. Tonight, in the spirit of being decisive, I will leave the list as is, and keep the others for alternates to watch when (if) the first dozen are finished. I watch countless films in a year’s time, but I am such a scofflaw when it comes to yearly resolutions. So let’s have at it–there is no time to lose!

  1. The Deer Hunter

In 2017 I had a list but did not officially post it. The two I remember from that list are Raging Bull , which I wrote about in a stand-alone post, and The Deer Hunter. Here is a clip featuring the late John Cazale


It is intense, and violent, well beyond what I usually watch. I know, I know, I can be fluffy inside when it comes to violence. But I am told that at my age it is truly shame-ful to not have seen Deer Hunter, so I will gear up with popcorn and Southern Comfort, and hubby will tell me when to cover my eyes.

2. Johnny Dangerously

3. The Mark of Zorro

Both of these are nods to my husband, as he loves Johnny Dangerously and has talked about it many times. We’ve been married 27 years so it is about time. As for Zorro (1920) we will watch the original with Douglas Fairbanks and perhaps a double feature with the Tyrone Power version. He loves swordfights.

4. Five Easy Pieces

I nicked this from the list of  because it is one I have wanted to see for a long time. I have seen this iconic scene imitated many many times, the best by Alec Baldwin on Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, but I can’t find a clip of it.


5. Family Plot

6. Topaz


Family Plot and Topaz are two Hitchcock films I have not seen yet. There aren’t many. My favourite is Spellbound.

7. Spartacus

It is kind of embarrassing when someone tosses out a Spartacus reference and I don’t get it. It’s time.

8. Network

9. Chinatown

Here are two movies from the 70’s that most people my age have seen. William Holden in the one, and Faye Dunaway in both. Wowsa, reason enough.

10. Do the Right Thing

Love Spike Lee

11. My Cousin Vinny

I can’t believe I never saw this, but then I was really busy in the 90’s.

Let’s take another look at Faye Dunaway:


and last, but surely not least

12. Cactus Flower, with Goldie Hawn, Walter Matthau, and Ingrid Bergman. I have a friend who trades DVD’s with me who promises to bring it to church on Sunday, so I might knock that one off the list this weekend. It looks like great fun–

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