Episode 16: Hammer Horror Shamedown / Dan Day

Dan Day, Jr. serves up a Shamedown of 6 Hammer Horror films you might not have seen. We talk about why Hammer Film’s horror output endures in 2018 and why some folk have written the films off as more of “that Hammer garbage.”

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Talking Heads:

James David Patrick (@007hertzrumble) – Somewhere between casual Hammer aficionado and obsessive.

Dan Day, Jr. (@CushingLee) – Hammer Horror expert, movie blogger at The Hitless Wonder.

Clips Contained in this Podcast:

“Dracula” by James Bernard
Martin Scorsese from Hammer, The Studio that Dripped Blood, 1987
Son of Svengoolie introduction to The Horror of Dracula, 1983
Anthony Hinds from Hammer, The Studio That Dripped Blood, 1987
The Quatermass Xperiment (aka The Creeping Unknown) trailer
Peter Cushing interview, 1989
Christopher Lee from Hammer, The Studio That Dripped Blood, 1987
Scream of Fear trailer
Kiss of the Vampires trailer
The Gorgon trailer
“Addams Groove” by MC Hammer
“Suite from The Gorgon” by James Bernard
Plague of the Zombies trailer
The Reptile trailer
Captain Kronos trailer
“Captain Kronos Theme” by Laurie Johnson

Mentioned Hammer Horror on Physical Media and Streaming:

Buy Hammer: Amazon storefront featuring all Region A Hammer Horror offerings.

Scream of Fear – Mill Creek Double Feature (Region A)
Kiss of the VampireUniversal 8-Film Hammer Horror Collection (Region A)
The GorgonMill Creek Double Feature (Region A) / Indicator Hammer Vol. 1 (Region ABC)
Plague of the ZombiesComing Soon from Shout Factory (Region A)
The ReptileUnavailable (Region A) / Studio Canal (Region B)
Captain Kronos Vampire HunterStreaming (Region A) / Shock (Region B)

Recommended Reading:

Hammer Films: An Exhaustive Filmography by Tim Johnson and Deborah Del Vecchio
The Hammer Story: The Unauthorised History of Hammer Films by Marcus Hearn and Alan Barnes

Recommended Shopping:

We’ve loaded the Cinema Shame Amazon shop with all available Region-A playable Hammer Horror films on Blu-ray.



Recorded in October 2018. Copyrights are owned by the artists and their labels. Negative dollars are made from this podcast.


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