2020 Shame Statement

Will I ever get to the point of not having some Cinema Shames to discuss? Probably not, too many films, too many distractions and too little time. It is still fun to prioritize a list of films to watch over the next year. Even as I’m writing this, Martin Sheen is staring me down from the cover of “Apocalypse Now,” daring me to watch. I’ve decided to cast aside previous entries and start fresh, you know the whole “new decade, new me” process. 


  1. Apocalypse Now – Picked up the 4K release last year. 
  2. Philadelphia – Watched the “Silence of the Lambs” Criterion release two times last year and then saw “Something Wild” last month. I’m looking forward to those Demme’s close-ups.
  3. Inherent Vice – PTA release that I’ve had since it’s release on blu-ray but have failed to watch. 
  4. The More the Merrier – Jean Arthur
  5. A Foreign Affair – I need more Jean Arthur in my life and throwing Billy Wilder begins the camera cannot be a bad mixture 
  6. Danger Diabolik – two film opinions I trust on the interwebs  James Patrick and Jay Cheel speak highly and with the upcoming blu-ray release sounds like a perfect addition to this list
  7. Fail Safe – finished Sidney Luke’s Biogeapby by in January, a strong director where I have a  large gap in his filmography
  8. Serpico – Sidney Lumet film
  9. Dog Day Afternoon – Sidney Lumet film
  10. Cinema Paradiso 
  11. Zardoz – Sean Connery in red suspenders has been around in my mind too long without context
  12. The Hospital – I got this signed by Diana Rigg over a year ago and have yet to watch the movie
  13. Lone Wolf and Cub series
  14. Lady Snowblood
  15. Any film by Akira Kurosawa

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