Shame Statement 2022

We’ve been shaming and stating for a few years now. The Cinema Shame rolls ever onward. No matter how many movies you watch, you’ll never reach the end of this road. It’s a comfort; it’s a disease. What, after all, do you aim to gain by following this golden road on into the emerald light?

It’s a good question, and I’m not sure that I have the answer. I do know that I always enjoy watching that long overdue classic, that other movie from a favorite star or director. As a content consumers, it’s becoming all too easy to open up our favorite streaming service and just push play.

Pushing play is fine. There’s a mindless simplicity that does not exacerbate a long day of work, a long week navigating the latest COVID-19 obstacle course–but what fulfillment do we gain? Another night cashed in, another few hours letting the images flash and flicker across our screen, until we crawl into bed and do it again tomorrow.

Purposefully selecting a movie to watch is different. It’s planned. Celebrated as a sort of ceremonial unveiling. I acquired this DVD/BD/4K/Digital copy so that I could watch *THIS* specific movie and have this specific experience. In the streaming age, such decisions feel empowering. I get a taste of this every time I pull a DVD off the shelf and insert it into a player.

I have taken control of this evening. I have popcorn and a choice beverage. I have a movie.

I have chosen to watch something that I can talk about with someone else.

I have chosen to watch something I can share on Twitter and tag @CinemaShame because they will definitely retweet you and attempt a terrible pun.

To celebrate our independence, to celebrate our own agency, let’s see your lists of Shame, the 12 movies you aim to watching during 2021 to right egregious wrongs. To fill in blanks in filmographies. We are more than just the accumulation of our currently available streaming options.

We are cinephiles. Hear us roar…

The usual “rules” apply!

Create your list, post it on your blog or favorite signpost and Cinema Shame will share it (by yelling your shame from atop of the Xanadu). Feel free to add some background details for your picks, such as why you are picking it or the reason you haven’t had to chance to view this particular film. When you watch them, maybe write about your experience. Maybe send a few tweets. Call and tell your mom.

And while you’re here, subscribe to the Cinema Shame podcast wherever podcasts are found: Apple Podcasts / Stitcher Radio / Spotify / Google Podcasts / Amazon Podcasts

And if you’re feeling kindly, leave us a good review. If you’re not feeling kindly, well, kindly bugger off. We don’t need that kind of energy in this safe space for penitent, take-charge-of-their-TV moviewatchers.


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