Quarantine Comfort Vol. 2: The Band Wagon / Trey Lawson

Film writer and host of the Tomb of Ideas podcast, Trey Lawson,  presents his Quarantine Comfort Film, The Shadow (1994) and host James Patrick pairs it with one of his own for a Happy Time Double Feature.

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Direct download (right click, save as): http://traffic.libsyn.com/cinemashame/CinemaShame_Lawson2.mp3


Talking Heads:

James David Patrick (@007hertzrumble)
Trey Lawson (@T_Lawson)

Music Contained in this Podcast:

Preacher Boy – “Shamedown”
Fred Astaire, Jack Buchanan, Oscar Levant, Nanette Fabray – “That’s Entertainment!”
The MGM Studio Orchestra – “Dancing in the Dark”
Nanette Fabray – “Louisiana Hayride”
Judy Holliday – “It’s a Perfect Relationship”
Dean Martin – “Do It Yourself”
Dean Martin, Judy Holliday – “Just in Time”
Judy Holliday – “The Party’s Over”
Judy Holliday – “Drop That Name”

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Recorded in April 2020. Copyrights are owned by the artists and their labels. Negative dollars are made from this podcast.

Episode 12: Musical Shamedown / Jessica Pickens

Jessica Pickens of Comet Over Hollywood returns. She selects a roster of Classic Hollywood Musicals beyond standard fare and we discuss how and why modern audiences aren’t necessarily receptive to the genre in 2018, using the polarizing La La Land as a case study.

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Direct Download (right click, save as): http://traffic.libsyn.com/cinemashame/CinemaShame_Musicals1.mp3


Talking Heads:

James David Patrick (@007hertzrumble) – Played trombone, once performed as a backup dancer for my friends’ band.

Jessica Pickens (@hollywoodcomet) – Has seen almost 600 musicals and blogs about classic movies (mostly musicals!) at cometoverhollywood.com.


Clips Contained in this Podcast:

Hollywood & the Stars – Those Fabulous Musicals

“That’s Entertainment” performed by Fred Astaire (from Band Wagon)

Clips from the trailer for Footlight Parade.

Frank Sinatra talking about Broadway Melody of 1940 from That’s Entertainment

Eleanor Powell’s speech at the AFI Tribute to Fred Astaire

“Tico Tico” by Ethel Smith (from Bathing Beauty)

Clips from the trailer for The Harvey Girls.

“I Left My Hat in Haiti” performed by Fred Astaire (from A Royal Wedding)

Clips from the trailer for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

“I Enjoy Being a Girl” performed by B.J. Baker (from Flower Drum Song)

“Well, Did You Evah?” performed by Burt Reynolds, Madeline Kahn (from At Long Last Love)

Clips from the trailer for Hedwig and the Angry Inch.



Recorded on June 1st, 2018. Copyrights are owned by the artists and their labels. Negative dollars are made from this podcast.