A concept brought to the blogosphere by @campbelldropout and @007hertzrumble. Everyone’s got those movies that they regret not having seen. They tear at the very being of the movie fan, the movie aficionado, the cinephile. Should our friends find out, we’d be labeled frauds, outcasts. Read more about the origins of Cinema Shame here.

Some movie watcher, you are.

How have you not seen [insert movie title here]?

Everyone’s heard these exclamations at one point or another, so much so that we probably clutch these secrets so close to our chest it hurts. No one will ever know. But we know. And it eats away at us every time we respond in  a Twitter thread or Facebook post with a vague, understated comment that suggests we’ve seen the film in question, without ever committing one slice of concrete knowledge.

Only the penitent movie watcher will pass, will rest easy at night, will finally, after all these years, watch the Deer Hunter without shame and without the judgment of self-righteous others.

Join the penitent men and women who are writing their confessionals in the form of 12-movie lists. Watch one per month and then submit a blog entry about the experience. Write about why you chose the movie, why it was important for you to finally watch it, write about your expectations and how that shaped your viewing. To contribute to Cinema Shame, you can post on your own blog and tag or email Cinema Shame or post directly on the Cinema Shame blog. To post on Cinema Shame use the contact form below. Submit your name, email address and the 12 films you plan to watch. We’ll make you a full member of the Cinema Shame authorial staff.



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